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Amanda from Hungary

Amanda international student

Why did I join DNS?

Probably sounds a bit lame, but mostly because I wanted to choose the hard way. Learning with my head has never been a big challenge for me, that was the easy part of school life, but working together in a team, accepting everybody, finding the best solution for everybody and being fine with our last decision even if it is not what I wanted, was always hard for me. So I wanted to find a place where I can learn this, how to cooperate with others for a bigger good, how to listen and get to a common ground. Because I believe that this is something, which we all should be able to do.

Another reason why I chose to come here and start this program, because I was looking for a place, where I can get education but in the same time, I can also give something to others and actually DO something. During the last year of my high school studies I was struggling a lot with the decision, where to go, how to do and what I really felt was that I have gotten so much already from life. I have an amazing family, I got good education, I had everything and now I just want to give something after getting so much. And when to do it if not NOW?!:):)