Farid from France

Hi, I'm Farid Medjahed and I will join DNS. I'm not absolutely sure about how I came to hear about the school for the first time. It was last summer (2012), I got a mail, a message, something by Internet, but as I was reading the school's information and ideas, it was already clear, I would join the school. I’m now a volunteer in Germany and I was thinking that after my volunteer year I could begin to study. I had many ideas but I felt that none were exactly what I had in mind. I wanted more than a classical education could offer, to study but to study in a more effective way, to have a new life experience, to continue to travel and meet people, to live something completely new. I don’t want to be stuck in one way of living. That's why I chose to go to DNS, because it's more. It's more life, it's more emotions, it's asking more investment, it's challenging. I want to find the boundaries in my “open” mind, and break them, in order to be as free as possible and then to take the best decision about what to do. Those are some of the reasons why I will join DNS.