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In DNS College we learn to be active global citizens.

We care about the issues the world is facing and are ready to take an action towards a better tomorrow.

This time DNS International Teacher Training College and Ungdomshøjskolen PTG / PTG International Youth College students joined a peaceful demonstration -Großdemonstration in Hamburg: "CETA & TTIP stoppen! - Für einen gerechten Welthandel!"- against TTIP and CETA in Hamburg, Germany.

On Saturday, across Germany 320 000 people were marching in protests against these agreements. The spirit and dedication of the people, who joined inspired everyone to take an active part in shaping our future.

Did you know that the EU soon intends to sign two far-reaching trade agreements: One with Canada (CETA = Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) and one with the USA (TTIP = Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)?

The official line is that these will create jobs and increase economic growth.

However, rather than citizens, it’s much more likely that only big corporations will benefit from them.

“We believe that these two trade and investment agreements must be stopped because they pose a threat to democracy, the rule of law, the environment, health, public services as well as consumer and labour rights.” – says European Initiative against TTIP and CETA