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Spontaneous reflections on my experience in Tvind International School Centre

I'm writing right in the day after I left Tvind. All of me is feeling rawly strange in this now very quite surrounding that contrasts with my interior space, still full of the majestic non-stop movement, constructive energy and dinamic interactions around and with me, that is counsciously and complexly cultivated in Tvind.

While I was there I had the opportunity  to work in Villas, where I saw  how the teachers prepare their daily work and how to develop it with each unique student. To live in PTG and share wonderful time, meals and activities with the absolutely incredible people who also lived or spent time there. To prepare creative meals with our very new and talented chef. To help with small but needed tasks for the preparation for the spectacular event that is the Winter Concert. To present a morning assembly and colaborate with the great guys from the Dagskole. To informally observe how the different schools roll, from being part of big meetings to being in the background on a huge massage chair while the teachers (and my friends) from PTG were organizing their lesson plans or tasks. To be part of the creation of a magnific song in honor to the necessary existence of the morning cleaning exercise. To be randomly filmed lying down in the corridor, laughing to death, due to an even more random reunion of people from PTG, also with pain from laughing so hard. To take the dust out of the chop sticks, break their eternal sleep and bring their usage back to live...

Most of all, I had the pleasant chance to everyday be challenged in anyway, to learn either by observation, experimentation or in an apparently simple dialogue or other type of human interaction. I felt myself growing in this very propicious and stimulating environment thanks to every single person I met, all we shared and all I accomplished and showed to myself what I'm capable off -  that, as I see it, is an incentive to go further, to keep learning and growing.

I came here as a volunteer. Here, where you don't have a traditional job. Here, where you share and are part of Common Life. Thus, what you develop here is not only skills that you might obtain in a related job, but a way of life. What, for me, was a quite natural one to choose and adapt to. 

The word that is more suitable for this complex place ,as I feel it, is 'intensity'. All my days were intense in every way: emotions, time invested, laughs, activities, people relations, idea discussions... And of course, there were also some more hard (or challenging, depends how you put it) moments that one was confronted to. But it's all part of it, and all makes you flourish remarkablely.

I feel deeply grateful for my experience here. It's true that I left with a lot and surprising phisical gifts. But there's no way of comparison to those that I carry out wihtin my heart!

I have no words to describe how thankful I am for all that I gave and received here. It was such a fulfilling experience!!


January 2017,

Laura Green

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