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Investigation in Granada - Social Exclusion. By DNS2016

DNS Education study travel Spain investigation

There we were, sitting on the street of Granada ' downtown with a cardboard decorated with red fatty letters. It said: "we have no place to sleep.  Can you help?".  The majority of the people passing by seemed to not even notice us. They were too busy and used to see beggers so often that they didn't even care about two girls asking for help.  Someone else, however, was giving us sad looks or was stopping to read the cardboard. The crowd was moving quickly and we were there, sitting still and in need of help. We usually are those people. That's why we were sitting there. To understand.

 Let's start from the beginning. Our first investigation had to take place in Spain and we wanted to investigate if homeless people are social excluded and we came to the conclusion that they are. Recovering  from the situation of living on the street seemed really demanding and the government doesn't do much even if there are warm people willing to help. The homeless take anyway  care of each other and it was really sweet to see how they were concerned about our well-being. They made sure we were no hungry, that we were felling all right and they showed us around. We spent just few hours with some of them and experimented just a little bit of their daily life but I can now say I am a bit more conscious on how they are feeling. I'm moved by the fact that many of them are nice people, caring, interested in everyday things such movies, politics, other countries etc. This small experience opened my eyes to that part of the society we see daily but that seems so far at the same time. They are part of our society and they deserve attention. They must not be forgotten . We together, starting with teaching children, can work on prevention and integration. I learnt a lot staying with them.  I learnt that we can beat language barriers for instance, or that they have little but they share it, that this kind of life is very hard but they can still care about big issues of our time. We learnt by staying with people, talking with them and doing things we had never   done before. Quoting Pedro and Estaban: "people learn more in the streets than in books" and in this case it might be true.