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Belief in humanity. My thoughts of “ Bringing It to the Public”

DNS education study travel programme bring it to the public

Bring It to the Public period was coming to the end. Only couple of days left and we would be back in Tvind. More than 10 presentations and workshops were made for different variety of audiences. Schools. Restaurants. Tea place. Library. Cultural centre. Social experiments in main squares of cities. Many new faces and smiles.

The message.

We went out to Europe to pass the message to people. We just came back from Africa. We have experienced different reality and we raised the question: “What should we bring to Europe that people want to listen to us?” “Will they receive our message without being in Africa?”

Now, then everything is coming to the end. I know and I feel. I believe in Humanity. I believe that there are so many people who know and feel as me. I saw people’s faces and their words spoken. Many people got inspired to travel, to see that different reality, to break stereotypes and I believe that many of them, saw that Africa is just a part of the World where the help in needed. If we turn around we can easily see that the help is also needed here, in Europe, in our village or city, in our neighbourhood. I believe that people understood that poverty, gender inequality, huge flow of migration, struggles with food, education, political situation and social system is very visible in Europe too. Only people who are aware what is happening around them or near can help to change the present and the future. Our intention during the period was to become more active part of society ourselves and show an example to the others.

Recently, I received a message from one young boy who was attending our presentation in Hungary, he wrote: “I thought about your African presentation yesterday. It was very nice to meet you and see how great people you are. You can really change the World, if only everybody saw your presentation. But I want to be one of those people who do same. I went to the volunteering organization today and asked if I can help them during my summer holiday. They will let me know soon what I can do. Thank you so much J”

Now, I can say that many of those people, who came to listen to us, who came to be part of discussions, who raised the questions, who gave us a hand - agree that “Humanizing” is what we need.

Aušrinė, DNS2015