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DNS Curriculum

Pedagogical Science

The Teacher and the School of the 21st Century

In this module, you will investigate the educational systems of different countries, and take a critical stand on different traditions. You will learn about various directions in pedagogy, educational philosophy, and developmental psychology, and how they influence schools today. You will apply that knowledge in the discussions about curriculum, ethics, moral and civic duties, and running the school.

250 10


 How do we know what we know and do we know it? The more we know, the more we realise how much we don’t know. But, if we know that we don’t know anything then at least we know something. Think of that while studying Epistemology.

125 5

The Pedagogy of OWU and DNS

In this subject, you will focus on different pedagogical theories and principals, especially those associated with One World University (OWU) and Det Nødvendige Seminarium (DNS). Master them in practice, and you will become Another Kind of Teacher.

250 10

The Science of the Doctrine of the Modern Method 

Knowing how to study will lead you to the knowledge of teaching. You will learn how to plan, conduct, and evaluate your lessons, considering your students’ abilities and other relevant circumstances. You will master the DMM system, which will support you along the way in this and all other subjects.

275 11

Open Future

No crystal ball can tell you what is to come but by analysing the present you will envision the future perspectives. You won’t wait with your hands in the pockets but learn how to be an active part of creating the future together with the others around you.

100 4
Teaching Practice

Teaching Practice

8 months of working in the school will exhaust you, challenge you, and bring a lot of joy and amazement. Teaching Practice subject will guide you through these experiences that cannot be learnt from the book.

350 14

The African Continent

This interdisciplinary field will take you by bus through African societies, economy, politics, environment, art and culture. You will explore it mainly through the field investigations, and focus especially on human living conditions.

425 17

Contemporary Europe

In this module, you will connect your own experiences gained through carrying out field investigations and cultural events, with a political and social reality of contemporary Europe. You will explore the reality of the lives of your future students to use it for the benefit of the learners.

325 13
Social Science

Big Issues of Our Time

Poverty, water scarcity, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Climate Change, armed conflicts, terrorism, and Human and Civil Rights… You will identify, and analyse these and many more of the biggest issues that the world is facing today. You will end up investigating and proposing some sustainable solutions to these issues.

325 13

The Future of Europe

In this subject, you will explore and investigate social and political changes and trends. You will engage to analyse, and discuss the future of Europe in the context of political institutions, and social conditions.

325 13

Fighting with the Poor

Learning about the economic development, community work, social work and different methods of organising people is an important part of the programme throughout the 3 years. You will put that in practice always as partner, responding to the needs, together with the Poor.

400 16

The World of Politics

In this module, you will look in every nook and cranny of the state, political institutions, the social and economic forces that shape them, the cultural context in which they operate, means and ways, systems, interactions, and leadership. Along the way, you will wonder what it means to be a citizen in this labyrinth.

150 6
Nature and Technique

Mastering the Material World

You will observe, touch, smell, hear, test, and experiment with the physical world around you. You will get on a journey through secrets of human body, natural cycles, plate tectonics, far-away planets, plants, electricity, colourful mixtures, animals, fixing your bus on the way.

300 12

Horticulture. Good Cooking

Everybody needs to eat therefore food production from the seed to the plate is an important part of teachers’ education. In this subject, you will learn in theory and practice about healthy diet, hygiene, sustainable farming, and cooking. 

175 9

Lifestyle Sustainability

Sport, health, sustainability, and many more are amongst the habits forming a lifestyle that is needed in the world today. You will learn to be a role model for your future students, and benefit from that yourself by improving the quality of your life.

125 5

The History of the World

History is not just about European kings. Through all the continents, and across social classes, you will connect the past and the present.

225 9

The World of Arts

Your creativity shall not be bounded by any limits, when the brushes, chisels, threads, canvas, and clay pass your hands giving the life to new forms with the accompaniment of a soft guitar tune. And don’t forget about theatre! You will experiment with art and relate it to becoming a teacher.

100 4

Mastering Languages

In this subject, you will develop your English skills, and establish good language habits. You will read English literature, create your own texts, while improving your grammar, and vocabulary. You will apply all that in every-day use: talking, listening, and solving study tasks.

375 15
Media and Communication

Bringing It to the Public 

This module takes its roots from organising communication between students and teachers at DNS, and the people in the public arena. You will master the art of mass communication, reaching diverse range of people with education on various topics in distinct settings and dynamic environments, using divergent communication methods.

350 14
Specialisations – two of six following
SEN Specialisation English 225 9
SGE Specialisation Geography 225 9
SHS Specialisation History 225 9
SMA Specialisation Mathematics 225 9
SNT Specialisation Natural Science 225 9
SSO Specialisation Social Science 225 9
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