Cultural Events & Activities

Art and Culture in DNS

Once in a while we draw all students, teachers and all people together on a recurring basis to experience art in action, either through rehearsals or through the actual big event activities. After New Year wonderful music concert is taking part, performed by the musicians from all over the world. Every year during summer over 400hundred young people together with their teachers and pedagogues come to Tvind to participate in Summer Theatre festival. The participants (performers and audience members) derive some emotion from the act of creating this art.

The connections piece is pretty easy to see. We learn about each other as we prepare for this events. We share opinions on the music, theatre, tell stories about our lives, push each other to be better. We become a small community, providing support for each other.

Here we don't sort people into buckets titled “us” and “them”. Here we promote connections, interaction and our perceptions are challenged and discussed. Through local art, new art we practice these skills and using them in everyday life.


Summer Theatre Festival

Summer Theatre festival every year in the beginning of June. It is taking place in Tvind campus. Organizations and practical preparations are on shoulders of DNS with a big help of DI's (development instructors) from different schools. Exciting, emotional and life changing experience.

But whole creation and artistic process starts already few months before. Not just in Tvind but in other partner school located in Denmark, Norway and England. Every school can participate, and choose the play they would like to perform. Theatre plays are being discussed, play script are being read and roles are distributed.

From acting, directing, designing and playwriting, to producing and technical theatre, we do it all. Each year, schools including DNS select original plays to be performed and produced by their students.

This event offers young people the opportunity to experience the “magic” of theatre in a way that is affordable, accessible and exciting. It can also help young people to realize their potential through the arts often encouraging to take risk and push boundaries within their own work. Our theatre projects are to ensure that whatever skill or backgrounds are you from, you are involved in high-quality art project. As well as targeting some of the most vulnerable young people placed in care homes, we also reach out to large and diverse audiences.

Organizing and performing in Summer Theatre festival was for me personally one of the biggest challenges I went through, but also one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and which I will never forget


Olympic Games in Tvind

Once a year we simply gather all our students together for two days and motivate to do as many sport and adventures disciplines as possible – each year adding something new and making sure that there is also food to look forward to and sport cafe where they can follow the results and pictures of their individual and school’s achievements.

The world is huge and has a wide space of things to organise, to improve, to reach out for and that time of Olympics in Tvind with over 300 children was one of the rare occasion to do so, to accomplish more than you could as a team or an individual ever imagine, to spread the happiness upon so many people. 

Satisfaction and joy has been ever bigger as I wasn’t alone feeling it – the whole DNS and schools got united, it was as real as it gets and you can only do it in our unique college.