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Cultural Events & Activities

At DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College cultural events and activities are a big part of the education programme. We organize many of them ourselves, but we also join others as volunteers, performers or just participators. We take every event as an opportunity to learn and teach new skills. Moreover, to be able to reach out to people, “organising” is an essential skill for every teacher.

Open Houses

Tvind International School Centre regularly opens its doors to share significant moments of our life with anybody willing to join. Teams are often eager to share their experiences after different periods in the programme by making educative and entertaining activities inside the school campus.

During European Reality Period, the house of DNS College students is transformed into a cultural and political meeting place. It is a place for lectures, for presenting new knowledge, for discussing and debating big and important issues. The house is the place for human exchanges and for people reaching out to one another.

Tvind OL

Once a year students from more than 30 schools gather together for two days and compete in more than 50 sport disciplines. This event is ensuring that everyone will find something they are good at, or will earn team points by actively participating in activities. Table games, Team games, Archery, Cycling, Fishing, Dance, Marathon, Strength Disciplines – “we are all winners” when find what we are good at.

Organizing Tvind OL is an event on its own. DNS students and teachers together with Development Instructors and volunteers make the arrangement possible. Complexity and dynamism of the preparations for and carrying on of the event make it a rich learning project.

Winter Concert

One of our big annual events is Winter Concert! It involves professional musicians, dancers and singers from all over the word performing unique compositions on our international stage. Performers are involving many students and pedagogues in their performances and bring them closer to the world of classical music, traditional dance and contemporary art. Development Instructors and DNS College students are helping to organize this event by preparing the concert hall, stage, lights, accommodation, food and all the details a music festival requires. No doubt this arrangement is an ultimate learning experience for future teachers and a high quality cultural programme for young spectators.

Peace Justice Conference

Peace Justice Conference is an event filled with educative speeches from activists, researchers and professors working with the concept of Peace on many levels. This day is not just about listening to the professionals, but also about experiencing, learning and getting involved. Peace Conference’s aim is to inform, educate, engage and motivate - therefore next to the presentations a wide range of workshops is available. Through the conference students and guests are exploring many perspectives to peace, justice, cooperation and future. We analyse present issues and make plans, to improve the life of people worldwide.


Summer Theatre Festival

Summer Theatre is a long-standing tradition established since the very start of the school centre. Theatre has been a part of the culture, enjoyed and exercised within the programme for more than 40 years. The value of working with a theatre play with all its aspects is highly valued in teachers’ education.

For all the participants, this event becomes a highlight of the year, but for DNS College students it is much more than that! In the teachers career this event is an ultimate training for your leader, communication, coordination, logistics and many other crucial teaching and learning skills.