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Since the beginning of our history, DNS College, its students and teachers have been promoters of change. The idea started with a handful of teachers who sought the change in the world through education.

Teachers are role models trough which our society can grow and evolve. Unfortunately, plain repetition of notion we are witnessing in our school systems today - do not promote critical thinking and problem solving which are fundamental skills necessary to create the change. Nowadays our world is facing many big and small global issues that cannot be tackled by individuals, but, instead, require the power of communities in order to be resolved. One of our mottos is “alone the world changes you, together we change the world” and therefore together with a team you will follow this education and take ownership of your own learning process.

In our school we look at an open future for the generations to come and we become teachers - promoters of change or “solutionaries”. During the 70’s, for example, the fight against nuclear power in Denmark was confronted by the DNS College community through the project of Tvindkraft - the first windmill of its kind in the world, which showed to the Danish government and its population an alternative. Today Denmark is in the forefront of renewable energies and windmill industry.

Following our principals and traditions we educate teachers which are first and foremost able to change themselves, challenge their ideas and believes. This kind of teachers will be promoters of change in their surroundings and the people they meet along their path.

DNS College programme is centred on the idea of reforming the way we look and interact with the world via a holistic approach. We try to watch over the big issues of our time and create sustainable universal solutions.