Cooperation of DNS + OWU

Cooperation of DNS + OWU

Written by Susanne.

One World University

One World University (OWU) was created in 1998. In January 2001 the course at the OWU was recognized by the Pedagogical University in Maputo with a bachelor degree. In 2004 a Memorandum was signed by OWU and the Pedagogical University of Mozambique, thus assuring a certificate for the graduates and cooperation continued. The institution was finally approved by the Council of Ministers of Mozambique, with the Decreto nº 33/2005, Boletim da República número 33, I Série, under the name of Instituto Superior de Educação e Tecnologia (ISET). Today OWU has three faculties: “Pedagogy”, “Fighting with the Poor” and “Polyhistor”.

One World University and DNS

In 2011, DNS joined One World University on a distance learning regime. It is an exciting prospect for the 2011 team, as they will be the pioneers of this type of education. Although the basic principles of DNS will remain the same, it is a whole new curriculum, after which the students will acquire a bachelor's degree in pedagogical science; while still maintaining the DNS “learning by doing” approach.