Tvind Climate Center for renewable energy, producing green energy with solar panels and wind mill

Producing green energy with wind millThis winter DNS bought 3 sets of solar panels to make our community more friendly to our environment. The solar panels should support   our long lasting Tvind windmill in electricity production, taking up the free space of our empty roofs and at the same time produce green   energy. Our energy supply here in Tvind comes from 100% renewable sources. The grid we are connected to gets its energy from wind     power and biogas. Tvindkraft (our windmill) as one of the suppliers of energy to the city´s grid.

When I first came to Tvind, I thought it was “very cool” that about 66% of Tvind School Center´s energy consumption is covered by its   own windmill. As time passed, I realized what an awesome thing is to have a windmill.

Imagine an average day in Tvind:

The wind is howling, the trees are swaying, clouds of rain appearing from nowhere just when I need to switch building... While I am         fighting the wind to run to the kitchen to dish wash, I look up and what do I see? I see this huge windmill just having the time of its life, not giving a damn in the world, just spinning and spinning and spinning. In some way it makes me happy, even though everyone else around me is complaining about the weather and desperately trying not to leave their houses (most of them do it anyway as they need to “grab a smoke”). Always this huge windmill using the bad weather to please us with electricity while waving to all the people of Tvind School Center.

Now Tvind can also gain extra life on a calm, sunny day. You maybe cannot see it that lively or exciting, but on a summer day Tvinds solar panels are just enjoying themselves on three roof tops of our teacher training college and at the Villa carehome. Maybe it is not as productive as the Windmill, but in my opinion, every bit counts.
A nice sunshine with a good breeze is my favorite weather. Even before I came to Tvind, it was my favorite weather, but now it makes me more happy, because my favorite weather also makes Tvind´s electricity production peak on its scale.

Windmill production since the start of 2013: 172,131 kwh
Solar panels made 4460 kwh since they started running in December 2012.
We reduced our energy-bill by 8920,- DKK