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Tvind International School Centre


 Today Tvind International Scholl Centre consists of :

  • DNS ( The NecessaryTeachers Training College )
  • The Heart Chambers ( Care homes for students with special needs )
  • The Day school ( Integration school for youngsters between 14 and 25 years)
  • PTG ( Practical Theoretical Basic Education ) for youngsters from 16 years and up
  • Tvindkraft ( Wind energy centre )


 Each school unit has their own programme and students, starting from around 14 years of age up to any age above, but the units also have a lot in common. They eat most meals together, they share responsibilities and they do a wide range of activities together. The students benefit a lot from an international environment, where there are adults as well as teenagers with and without social and/or learning problems. The integration of all these different students, with DNS students giving a lot of input to the other units, arranging programmes and activities for them and some also work during their teaching practise there.

For the DNSers it is a very good preparation for their teaching practise, to organize and take part in weekly activities, like Centre afternoons, with sports, handicraft, art, music programmes, Tuesday cafes, political discussion evenings for DNS and youngsters together etc.