DNS 2016

Team DNS 2016 is currently travelling in Africa.

Our team started in September 2016 and are full of energy and determination to become better teachers.

By now we have a strong team which went though the saving up, built a bus, made a travel calendar, fixed the bus, studied and... Left the campus in direction of African continent!

Below you can read a short presentation of who we are and why we joined DNS Teacher Training College.








Elora from Italy

Hello everyone! My name is Elora, I'm 19 and I come from Italy. I found out about DNS accidentally on the Internet…

Gabriele from Italy

Hi to everyone! I'm Gabriele, Gabry for friends. I was born in 1994, the stork left me on the island of Sardinia,…

Zsófia from Hungary

Hey, everyone! I am Zsófi from Hungary, as I usually briefly describe myself, a born to be volunteer. Ever since I can…
ermes 1

Ermes from Italy

Hello, everybody! My name is Ermes and I come from Italy!I left my country almost one year ago for volunteering after…

Indre from Lithuania

Labas! I am 23 and my name is Indrė but I prefer being called Indie. Indrė is kinda a regular girl who went to…
Karolina from Lithuania

Karolina from Lithuania

Hi! I am Karolina, just turned 23, originally Lithuanian. I tried to study some different fields in regular state…

Matteo from Italy

Ciao! I'm Matteo, I am 26 years old and I come from Italy, a country that I love. After graduating in Communication and…

Gelmina from Lithuania

Hello, I am Gelmina, 23 years old and I came from Lithuania. I represent myself as a person who is seeking wider…

Simona from Lithuania

Hey, folks! My name is Simona. I am 24, born and raised in Lithuania. Generally speaking, I am a person, who loves to…

Jevgenij from Lithuania

Hey there, my name is Jevgenij but since I moved abroad I have met quite a few people that could not pronounce my name…