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The Preparatory Weekend

The Preparatory Weekend is a programme where prospective students are invited to come and experience the common life in DNS. It is organized every month.

We are inviting people who are seriously interested, who have been in contact with us before and had a telephone or Skype interview. In short, people who are considering enrolling to the challenging DNS education.

You will meet the faculty, the leadership, some of your future teammates, the students who are currently in the programme and the different school units in Tvind.

During the weekend you will be discussing the different stages of the programme. There will be a presentation about the education, the curriculum, the common life, the fees, the common economy and you will travel through the education in your mind.

If you decide to enrol, your admission interview will be carried out during this weekend as well.

It is required to take part in a Preparatory Weekend in order to be admitted to DNS.

The programme takes place from Thursday evening until Sunday evening.

Participation fee: 50 EUR (covers accommodation, food and programme)