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Saving up

During 3 years of teacher training at DNS College, we earn and spend the money together having a shared economy

To start the education programme, each student must contribute the tuition fee to the shared economy. If students are not able to come up with the full amount - they will have the chance to join our saving up pre-course, where they will be able to earn the money together. 

People who cannot earn enough money for their education in their home countries can apply for joining the saving up team. As anywhere else the students will have to find jobs in all kind of areas, but together they can often find more solutions. Sometimes the school centre can offer practical or pedagogical work in care homes. 

The saving up period is rather long before the programme starts, often starting in August and lasts until September. Then they work in our promotion office and part time at our Care Home for adults. According to the amount someone can raise himself or herself before arrival we make a saving up plan together and see when a person can start to save up in Denmark. Later on, during the education shorter saving up periods are parts of the programme; the whole group earns the money they need to cover all their expenses for a successful international education.