Saving up

Normally economy separates people, each person has their own economy and with that possibilities or limitations- in DNS we are sharing our economy. 

Having a common economy gives us much more possibilities to do the things we want to do, but also demands that we are together about the organization and the responsibility if it comes to an economical decision.

This gives us the freedom to do what we wouldn’t be able to do alone. A typical example is that if you are alone you might be able to save up for a car, together with 30 others you will be able to save up for 3 busses, 9 driver licenses, a house to live in, an unforgettable study travel… 

DNS is an education for everyone, despite his or her financial possibilities; here we are having the common responsibility for the earnings but also for the spending. This means that some people have low wages and other people have high wages and still both will be able to take the education and are equal.

During the 3 years at DNS, we earn the money together and we spend the money together - we have a common economy. 

As you start the program you will come with an initial amount to the common economy for the first year’s costs. If you are not able to come up with the full amount you will have the chance to join our saving up program where you will be able to earn the money commonly. Here we will cover all expenses through the educationally integrated income activity. 

People who cannot earn enough money for their education in their home countries can apply for joining the saving up group. As anywhere else the students have to find jobs in all kind of areas, but together they can often find more solutions. Sometimes the school center can offer positions in care homes or the saving up group will get the responsibility of renovating one of the Tvind schools. 

The saving up period is rather long before the program starts, often starting in January and lasts until September, some people even arrive a year before they start the program to take on one of the few available positions in DNS. Then they work in our promotion office and part time at our Care Home for adults. According to the amount someone can raise himself or herself before arrival we make a saving up plan together and see when a person can start to save up in Denmark. Later on, during the education shorter saving up periods are parts of the program; the whole group earns the money they need to cover all their expenses for a successful international education.