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Fees and finance

1. Fees:

  • Enrolment fee:
    The enrolment fee for the DNS International Teacher Training bachelor program is 1000 EUR (covers enrolment and expenses for your 1st months in DNS).

  • Tuition fee for the 1st year:
    Before the education starts you also need to come up with the tuition fee for the 1st year which is 60.000 DKK (covers: accommodation, food, programme, pocket money, travel expenses to Africa etc.).
    After you have started your education on the 1st of September you and your team together will maintain a so called “common economy”. It means during the 3 years at DNS we earn the money together and we spend the money together- we have a common economy.

2. Financial support – Saving Up:

If you are not able to come up with the 60.000 DKK tuition fee by yourself, you will have the chance to join the saving up group where you will be able to earn the money together with your teammates.

As anywhere else the students have to find jobs in all kind of areas, but together they can often find more solutions.

The saving up period is rather long before the program starts, often starting in January and lasts until September. Some people even arrive a year before they start the program to take on one of the few available positions in DNS.

You can apply to be part of the saving up group on your admission interview and decide about your saving up plan with a DNS teacher on your Preparatory Weekend in Denmark.

Read more about saving up: here!