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The Idea

The idea behind DNS (The Necessary Teachers Training College) is to train Another kind of Teachers, “cultural personalities with collective abilities, specializing in producing knowledge and understanding, and in suiting actions to all the words”. So, to be able to enrich and train their students to master both the school and its curriculum, as well the life outside the school - Another kind of School. 

The DNS training is intense in content and varied in the way of learning. You will be active in a variety of contexts: arranging political, cultural and sports events, acting together with the poor of this world, learning from realities outside school, fighting climate change, leading a group of children, creating learning set-ups for youngsters, working in a factory, learning from people from all walks of life, meeting international community and their cultures, thinking and acting about how to make things better – because this is what teachers should do. 

You will meet a curriculum with subjects already known to you, and other subjects and themes we think are relevant and necessary for you and your students to deal with, for education and for life. DNS is a boarding School. You will live and study together with your team. You will become an active part of the program, of the studies and all the realities during the three years, individually and team wise. You will train as a political, cultural personality, train as Another kind of Teacher to represent and practice this “extra” that enables your students, whatever background, to qualify themselves educationally and for life.