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DNS Movement Worldwide

Around the world there is a great need for capable teachers. Teachers who can achieve something out of the ordinary by being teachers. Teachers who are trained amply in multiple skills and who have many and important life experiences from the world and its future, from their own country, from children and young people as such, from learning and changing - and thus can deliver and catalyse the world of knowledge and essence to the next generation.

DNS in Tvind started in 1972, and has influenced many educators in Denmark and further afield with its pragmatic approach to teaching and education, and its ambition to be at the forefront with pedagogical issues.

In 1993, the second DNS started - in Mozambique, where there was a great need for an education for teachers in rural areas, where development is most urgently needed. Later on more DNS colleges sprung up in Mozambique and Angola, in the wake of the success of "Escola de professores do Futuro" in Maputo. Malawi followed soon after. At present there are DNS colleges in Mozambique, Angola, Malawi and India. Many more are planned to start.

The DNS colleges in Denmark, Mozambique, Angola, Malawi and India constitute the DNS Movement.

For more information about the DNS colleges in Africa, please visit www.humana.org/dns

DNS in Africa and India are teacher training for those who want to be teachers in rural primary schools:

  • Teachers who will make a difference by bringing needed, qualified and modern education to rural children.
  • Teachers, who are no strangers to the academic world but at the same time energetically are of the opinion that children in primary schools must gain useful and also practical knowledge from their education.
  • Teachers, who put modern methods of learning to work - to the benefit of the students.
  • Teachers with a keen interest in development, listening to the tendencies coming from the future of humankind.
  • Teachers with high demands to their own performance, and with high demands to the performance of their students.
  • Teachers, who understand learning and skills training not as a technical thing, but as being humanly motivated, demanding responsibility and contribution from each individual, delivered unreserved and with care.
  • Teachers, who are trained to be able to spearhead community building and efforts in the area around the school.

Traditionally teachers play an important role in local communities. The DNS program builds on this role and equips the teacher with the necessary knowledge and the skills to become an important force in the development of the society.

In short, the teachers graduated from DNS in Africa are trained to promote and bring about change in the countryside - in cooperation not only with the children and their families, but with the whole community. Such teachers will have the power to influence the direction of the community by raising expectations and ambitions of everybody, mobilizing the will to act and the degree of organization, and increasing the level of the general state of education of both the children and the community.

It is such teachers we wish to train in the DNS program at the teacher training colleges in Africa and India.