Team 2014

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After several months of saving up, we have finally started the programme! Everyday, we are facing challenges, which include our studies, preparations for our Africa bus travel and making sure that Tvind is an active and amazing place to be in! This year, we are the pioneer team as we will be travelling around Southern Africa!


Liam from Canada / Ireland

I am Liam. A Canadian, but also fellow human being who has become frustrated with the momentum of ignorance that is driving the world astray. I left the university classroom to go travel Europe by myself 1 year ago. This journey has led me to the realization that you must fight to spread the change that is necessary for the planet and its people. I am passionate about films and acting. These are tools for communicating and reaching as far as you dare in this short life we are given. DNS is an exciting challenge, tackled with fantastic people, and I am very excited to see what our strong group can accomplish in 2014.

Nadina from Latvia

NadinaBonjour. My name is Nadina and although it's a French name, I'm mostly Latvian. Some Polish and Lithuanian blood kicking about too though for sure. I have been doing crosswords, killing time and dancing up until I found out about DNS and decided to surround myself with those on the same mission as me. Which I'm still going to find out… I love a good laugh, riding bikes and long baths. Deeply interested in sharing good vibrations of all kinds. When I started working (read playing) with kids in curiosity centre with each and every day my enjoyment and interest about pedagogy grew bigger. So, I realized that teaching might be just the way to fulfill those wise words of my dear pal Pablo Picasso -''Meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.'' Stay curious!


LauraLife is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.
Hi, I'm Laura from Finland and to say it shortly, I joined DNS to learn, experience and make the most out of it. I want to make a change and actually do something.

<<“People where you live," the Little Prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for...
They don't find it," I answered.

And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

Of course," I answered.

And the Little Prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart.”>>
― extract from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.


IMG 9567 Hi, I’m Stef and my physical body is twenty-one years old.
I tried a lot of different things in my young life and most of my friends cannot really understand this dissolute BUT happy life. Every time it requires some courage and self-confidence to just take my backpack, move to somewhere and leave everybody behind. Anyways, that's what I like about DNS. There are heaps of people like me, full of dreams and ideas about life and how this world actually has to be. I suppose that's why we're coming together :)
And during my travels, I realized that “a mind opened by new experiences never goes back to its old dimensions”.  It’s a pretty simple thesis but that’s how I wanna live life in itself. Sharing and learning from others but feeling free and being independent as much as I can.


IMG 20140204 124052Hi everyone! My name is Gita and I arrived on this planet 24 years ago. Most of these years I spent in Latvia-growing up and exploring world around me. As time passed by I realized that world consists of much more than that small soap bubble I was living in. So I ‘zoomed out’ a bit and looked at the world from a bigger scale-I moved out from Latvia and started bicycle journey around Europe. Last few years I spent in Spain, surviving without money and trying to escape this grandiouse machine we are all locked in. I had a lot of free time during these years, so I used it to be in the nature, travel, paint or draw when I got my muse, read books and much more.
Now I am part of DNS and I am ready to learn new things about this planet and people who inhabit it. I am ready to fight for better world-my mind is open and I’m ready to open it more!

See you in future!


received m mid 1391511184934 7e243ba12f71552d77 0Hi there. I'm Lucie from France and England and I'm now 21 years old. I'm one of these little "creatures" who doesn't really know exactly what her mission is yet on this planet. Constantly doubting about existential matters, I nevertheless keep a huge faith in humanity. Otherwise I'm a BIG music lover. Back in France - just before coming here - I was working in a Radio station. Dealing with all the classifying aspect of the radio. I also play the flute and would be glad to share this passion with some of you!

Au plaisir,


995400 10151533055378111 156050002 n 1Hi my name is Oddur Уlafsson, I am originally from Iceland but I have been living in Norway for the past year.

Life in it self just facinates me, I have travelled around a lot and met lot of interesting people. My interrests are so wide I cant decide what I like the most: sports of all kind, especially winter sports and horse riding,
music (I built my own recording studeo with my sister son where he is now making buissness) are amongs them. I would think im a very happy person, I have my own humor that nobody understands to amuse my self, with a lot of experience through out my life. I dont know where i will be in the future but there is a cloud with lots of dreams. But all challenges are accepted and there for am I taking on DNS.


L smallI'm Louis, I'm from england and france and I'm 23 years old.

I have many reasons to have joined DNS, but they are also simple. I want to study (everything), I want to travel (everywhere), and I want to be usefull to others (well nearly everyone).

For me this school is the first step in my life-plan which consists in perpetuationg these 3 important points.I love music, questionning things, complaining about society, humans... I hate hate, but I still complain a lot about it :)

There, those 4 or 5 sentences pretty much sum up my 23 years. Hope to meet you soon !



534230 628830123807998 1980184437 nI am Beatrix from Hungary.
I would like to be one of the best teachers of the world.
“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see”.




Sander from EstoniaHello! After finishing high school I didn't see a good reason to go to college and study in a way which doesn't really broaden my mind. It would be only gave me a job, that would have killed me. When I first heared about this opportunity, it seemed like the thing I need. The ideas that DNS stands for, are really important for me and gves me a change to learn more about myself and my world. I've been in saving-up for few weeks and I already had some amazing exeperiences. This opportunity meant a lot to me and I can only imagine what kind of other opportunities I will have during my time here.  

Julius from Lithuania

Julius from LithuaniaHello everyone! My name is Julius I am from Vilnius. I am a sports addict. I love fitness, basketball , footbal , etc. I am also interested in broadening mind by reading books. And traveling, what a remarkable way of spending time is that!
Since the very first time I heard about DNS my attention was completely taken. The way this school is preparing teachers seemed absolutely perfect to me. I dropped from my previous college immediately and moved here. I am ready to take a part in a TEAM 2014. !!!

Justas from Lithuania

justasHi I am Justas from Lithuania, but already living 3 years in Denmark, actually 30 meters away from DNS. I never wanted or thought about being a teacher, but i did know that i want to change the world for the better of everyone living in it. Living nearby DNS made me realise that to reach my goal without being a teacher is inevitable, so thats why I am here. About me: I like to do any kind of sports, kitesurfing being my favorite, I like to travel, learn and be challenged. I sometimes play computer games, watch anime or read articles. I think it is so much more fun to live, study and accomplish challenges together with other people, so to experience my next 3 years in a team together with people from different countries with different mindsets, dreams and funny accents is like a dream come true for me.

Ciprian from Romania

CipriAy, Cipri here, from Romania. Not much to say for now,because i really think DNS is going to be a really nice surprise once i'll join for saving up, just how the prep weekend was before actually knowing anything at all about the place/people. If that much happened in 4 days i really can't imagine what's going to happen in 4 years,so i'd better get ready. So far I think it's going to fill a really huge void for me and i think it's exactly what i need and should do at this time in my life. Buh-bye!!


Farid from FranceHi, I'm Farid Medjahed and I will join DNS. I'm not absolutely sure about how I came to hear about the school for the first time. It was last summer (2012), I got a mail, a message, something by Internet, but as I was reading the school's information and ideas, it was already clear, I would join the school. I’m now a volunteer in Germany and I was thinking that after my volunteer year I could begin to study. I had many ideas but I felt that none were exactly what I had in mind. I wanted more than a classical education could offer, to study but to study in a more effective way, to have a new life experience, to continue to travel and meet people, to live something completely new. I don’t want to be stuck in one way of living. That's why I chose to go to DNS, because it's more. It's more life, it's more emotions, it's asking more investment, it's challenging. I want to find the boundaries in my “open” mind, and break them, in order to be as free as possible and then to take the best decision about what to do.

Those are some of the reasons why I will join DNS.