DNS 2013

Camilla from Italy

Camilla with friend for life"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Hello my name is Camilla,I'm 24 years old and I'm italian.

My life in Italy it's based on volunteer with kids and people who have mental and physical problems. But in my city there is not a way to link this "hobbies" to a actual and pratical school. I would like to become a teacher because I think teaching is the most powerful weapon to change the world little by little. I hope DNS will help me to reach in a different way lots of different communities and realities. Let's begin this new adventure and remeber:
"Kids don't remeber what you try to teach them.They remeber what you are"

Milo from Italy


After two years of working hard, travelling, learning and challenging myself, it is now the moment, in which we have an opportunity to put in practice all we have learnt or more specifically: teaching practice.

This period can be more challenging than you thought. You start, and everything is quite new exciting but soon the honey moon ends and the real challenge starts, you try and you succed, yuo try and you fail.

It is very emotional and often you are tired, but most of the time you realise that you can develop your students, you can help them to be introduced into the society and being able to sustain themselves, you learn how to talk and express your thoughts in more simple ways than before, you learn how to recognise triggers and tools in order to make them feel good and accept failures and challenges, you stand in front of the classroom and learn how to keep the students’ attention when presenting a topic, you have the privilege to learn the ideas and the pleasures of your students and so enter their personal space, that exact place, where you are allow to teach and push towards knowledge.

It is a real pleasure to be allowed to partecipate in the development of a person and I recognise now how all the experiences aquired during the programme are helping me in this challenging task of setting up and enhance the learning process of a person.

Svetlana from Lithuania

SvetlanaHello, everybody! My name is Svetlana. Here I am - one of those happy “necessary” teachers. I consider myself positive and active person, also creative. I’ve joined DNS programme with ideas to learn, to become better, to make people smile and a strong wish to teach happiness.
During the last few years of my experiencing the world, I’ve collected lots of stories to share and lessons to teach. I find it important to doubt, to question and to share ideas and opinions. This is what I am doing, while being on a teaching practice. Together with my students we are searching for contradictions, questioning our society norms, doubting values and creating plans for solving the mess we live in.
I have a feeling that once you started this programme you won’t ever be able to stop it. It is another lifestyle, which, believe me, is not easy to “quit”. After becoming a changemaker, you understand that life is not about you finding your place in the world, but about making this world place for everybody.
Today, I am about to "finish” this adventure and motivated to fulfill my and yours dreams, feeling like I can do anything. I have become a peace teacher! Honestly, I’ve got the power!

Marta from Romania

MartaHi! My name is Marta, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Romania. Travelling, discovering new places, knowing new people from different parts of the world, to live in a new culture, to learn and experience new things, to help those who are in need is all what I want now. After so many years of sticking my nose in books, I would rather actually learn something, do something. When I read about DNS the only thing what came to my mind it was “This is what I want now!!” 

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.“ Mark Twain

Nadezda from Lithuania


"Miss Nadia" is the way kids call me at the Aarhus Academy for Global Education, where I do my teaching practice.

My teachers’ career started already on the 15th year of my life when I joined Lithuanian Red Cross Youth group. I gained a lot of experience working with children and adults from different backgrounds. I moved to Denmark in 2012 and started my education in Pedagogical Science. DNS Necessary Teacher Training College became a radical change in my life.

In the last 4 years, I have lived through enormous amount of life changing events. Music, theatre, conflicts and resolutions, travels and studies, politics, projects, people. Every day is eventful and leaves no chance to get bored.

Travel to Africa and Middle East encouraged me to think of Peace as a purpose of an education and my personal goal as a teacher. I want to encourage my students to see the purpose in Peace towards people and nature.

I am also a clown. It is not often obvious, though. (o: I love bringing laughter to the children. This way provides different perspective on teaching and learning, where clown can teach a lot of valuable lessons about humanity.

I see teaching as a superpower and am passionate about giving all my knowledge to the next generation and opening their minds so they can give their knowledge and energy to me. I believe in mutual learning process between a teacher and students.