DNS 2013

Camilla from Italy

Camilla with friend for life"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Hello my name is Camilla,I'm 24 years old and I'm italian.

My life in Italy it's based on volunteer with kids and people who have mental and physical problems. But in my city there is not a way to link this "hobbies" to a actual and pratical school. I would like to become a teacher because I think teaching is the most powerful weapon to change the world little by little. I hope DNS will help me to reach in a different way lots of different communities and realities. Let's begin this new adventure and remeber:
"Kids don't remeber what you try to teach them.They remeber what you are"

Svetlana from Lithuania

IMG 4029Labas ;-)

“Happiness begins with facing life with smile and a wink!” .. It means that  I’m happy because I’m  always smiling and there’s something wrong with my right eye ;) I joined  the team because I want to teach everybody those simple things needed to be happy. I’m always in searching, I believe in changes, I’m possibilitarian :-) ..everything is possible!  I want to be better and useful.  So…  Let’s teach people to smile and wink. This would be a big change for our world, I think.

Marta from Romania

MartaHi! My name is Marta, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Romania. Travelling, discovering new places, knowing new people from different parts of the world, to live in a new culture, to learn and experience new things, to help those who are in need is all what I want now. After so many years of sticking my nose in books, I would rather actually learn something, do something. When I read about DNS the only thing what came to my mind it was “This is what I want now!!” 

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.“ Mark Twain

Nadezda from Lithuania

Nadezda from LithuaniaPeace, everyone!

My name from Russian language translates as hope and I believe that it has special meaning. My mother gave me this name not by accident – it had purpose than and has it now.
I also believe that my arrival here wasn’t by accident. It was destiny and a little bit of promotion hard work (: I came here on 24th of august and I firs heard about DNS on 16th of august. I’m really easy-going person (: I’m joyful and energetic. Like to socialize and be part of different activities.
I’m 18 years old, but quite capable in many things. Membership in Red Cross gave me a lot of different experiences in lots of life aspects.
Except that I was a blood donor, flied with paraglide and am planning to jump with parachute and be a donor one more time.
After coming to Red Cross I realized, that I want to spend my life in different way than my parents did. Now I am planning to work hard for one year, start teacher training and than we will see!
I’m joyful and absolutely non-conflict person most of the time (: