DNS 2013

Camilla from Italy

Camilla with friend for life"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Hello my name is Camilla,I'm 24 years old and I'm italian.

My life in Italy it's based on volunteer with kids and people who have mental and physical problems. But in my city there is not a way to link this "hobbies" to a actual and pratical school. I would like to become a teacher because I think teaching is the most powerful weapon to change the world little by little. I hope DNS will help me to reach in a different way lots of different communities and realities. Let's begin this new adventure and remeber:
"Kids don't remeber what you try to teach them.They remeber what you are"

Tiziano from Romania

602136 519759314736462 931024428 nI joined DNS to meet new people from all around Europe, to have new experience and to get to know myself better... I'm a very open person and i'm always up for new things...I like travelling, sports and music.

Greta from Lithuania

GretaHey, my name is Greta.  I always  wanted to do something different, exciting, develop and live not just for myself. And now I have an opportunity to do that in DNS. I still can’t believe that now I am here and with every hour spent in this place my heart is beating stronger, happier and I know that I am in the right way.My life journey just began…:)

Greta from Lithuania

GretaSince I was a school girl I was teaching my classmates and thinking that something went terribly wrong with the education system where you are only injected with theories, rules, guidelines, but not self-consciousness.
I appreciate that I had freedom to choose. So far, for all my 21 years, I was choosing alternative ways to educate myself: youth organisations for peace, volunteering, teaching difficult students, business studies to build up a private school... meditation. I was always looking for an answer how to rise up our children for tomorrow's world? For a better World. Even though I was blessed to have all I need in my life, it was never enough for me. I wanted to go out from my comfort zone to the World's reality. My father used to say that I am a small girl with huge dreams and he keeps on asking when I'll become a President of Lithuania.

While looking for bigger steps in my life, I moved out from the city to the grange in the forest. Now I want to bring an alternative education here. My understanding about teaching matched with DNS values and my understanding about sustainable way of living matched with DNS community life. Because of that I accepted this 3 years challenge to prepare myself for my vision, which is a learning centre for people who believe that every change in the World has to start with education in people's mind.
I have already started with my mind, have you?

Algis from Lithuania

225407_1642102867393_2676567_nNobody likes to talk about themselves. Maybe the sheet is too large and too scary, and your description too poor and too boring. Such a boring, that the sheet - am - and swallows. You or description. I don't know.

Laura from Italy

P1030689Hi! I´m Laura, I´m 23 years old (almost 24 J) and I´m from Italy. I´m very happy and excited about this new experience which starts! While I was reading the DNS program I can not believe that a school like that can exist but now I´m here and I'm experienced it. It's true, it really exist! I´m only in the beginning of this adventure but more the days are passing more I´m feeling sure about my choice. Now my saving-up period starts and in seven months and a half I´ll start the program with my handsome team-mates! And I can't wait to start!

Edvinas from Lithuania

JUR_1655Last 25 years I was investigating boundaries and looking for the equilibrium, never blindly trustedanyone, but always have been the first, who would like to hear any new opinion, seeking for the keyhow to adapt our ancestors’ knowledge to the very different and swiftly changing modern world.
To the questions where and how should live healthy and satisfied people I have answered to myselfby exchanging city flat into a grange and quitting all the works from 8 to 17, firstly.
My biology studies, learning by practice practical things, interests in self-sufficiency and at least theperception, that I do not want my children go to public school, finally have naturally developed intocreating the alternative.
This is a short story why I am here. We do not inherit the land from our parents, we borrow it fromour children.
DNS combines everything, it teaches life.

Helena from Estonia

61470_10151505785489466_1266806780_nThey call me Helena. They call me Matu. They call me her. And that´s my name. 

I am 19 .. Under my feet there was Estonia, and never ever I am going to call home any other place than that .. I come from dreamland which is in my head and with a wish to gain something really great. I have a need to challenge myself and experience everything that is new. DNS Tvind is my current challenge to see, what life can offer to me.We have so much to learn from life and this is my opportunity to see life from different perspectives and achieve my goal.. To bring the necessary message to people and spread wisdom. Let’s see how my intentions confirm with the final result.. ˄˄

Marta from Romania

MartaHi! My name is Marta, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Romania. Travelling, discovering new places, knowing new people from different parts of the world, to live in a new culture, to learn and experience new things, to help those who are in need is all what I want now. After so many years of sticking my nose in books, I would rather actually learn something, do something. When I read about DNS the only thing what came to my mind it was “This is what I want now!!” 

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.“ Mark Twain

Svetlana from Lithuania

IMG 4029Labas ;-)

“Happiness begins with facing life with smile and a wink!” .. It means that  I’m happy because I’m  always smiling and there’s something wrong with my right eye ;) I joined  the team because I want to teach everybody those simple things needed to be happy. I’m always in searching, I believe in changes, I’m possibilitarian :-) ..everything is possible!  I want to be better and useful.  So…  Let’s teach people to smile and wink. This would be a big change for our world, I think.

Felicity from Hungary

unnamedHello everybody!:) I`m a Hungarian youngster, just after highschool. It was hard to decide where to go further, I wanted to have an education, as a teacher, to travel to help to people. I love to try, to see, to learn new things. maybe this already said I`m an open person for(more or less) everything. I love to lough (like everyone), I like crazyness, to experience surprising and new things...but I also like to do relaxed things like chatting next to a cup of tea...cofee... whatever. I want to see, to experience the World as much as possible.These  gave me the reasons , to come here, I think  this school is the best way  for me to continue the story of my life. I feel this school will give me a bigger line of sight of how things going on, how to work in team and so on.My lifetheory is:,,If you don`t like something, change it, if you can`t change it, change your way you think about it.”

Nadezda from Lithuania

Nadezda from LithuaniaPeace, everyone!

My name from Russian language translates as hope and I believe that it has special meaning. My mother gave me this name not by accident – it had purpose than and has it now.
I also believe that my arrival here wasn’t by accident. It was destiny and a little bit of promotion hard work (: I came here on 24th of august and I firs heard about DNS on 16th of august. I’m really easy-going person (: I’m joyful and energetic. Like to socialize and be part of different activities.
I’m 18 years old, but quite capable in many things. Membership in Red Cross gave me a lot of different experiences in lots of life aspects.
Except that I was a blood donor, flied with paraglide and am planning to jump with parachute and be a donor one more time.
After coming to Red Cross I realized, that I want to spend my life in different way than my parents did. Now I am planning to work hard for one year, start teacher training and than we will see!
I’m joyful and absolutely non-conflict person most of the time (:

Darja from Lithuania

Darja from LithuaniaMy name is Darja Strelan and I am from Vilnius, Lithuania. All my life (19years) I was living there and now I finally got to DNS to get more different kind of experiences so I can find out what to do later in my life. I like animals, I like doing Doing something, I like music and usually - I like people. ;-)

Agnese from Latvia

I’m Agnese from Latvia and I’m 20 years old. A few months ago I finished school. I was learning to be a book-keeper. Till now it was the biggest chellenge just to go here. Every day I learn something new. For example just how to deal with different people. Life gives you a challenge, take it! I want to change myself and I want to see the world from a different angle. I always wanted to do something different. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow and it’s the best. I hope that this are gonna be the best and the hardest 4 years in my life till now.

Mercedes from Hungary

Hey Everybody,
My name is Mercedes. I’m 19 years old, and I came here the 25. of july - after I've graduated from high school. When I heard about this programme, I felt that this is absolutelly for me. My mother is a teacher, so teaching is in my blood. I’m an active and happy person, who likes challenges and travelling. In my free time I like to take photos, to paint or draw and travel. Now I work in a care home, in Tvind called Villa Venindely. Until now I feel very good here.  I hope we will meet soon! :)

Peter from Hungary

Hi all.
Everybody says I'm crazy...and all my life was a bit crazy....
Sometimes I like to be alone and play some idiot melody on my guitar...
but other times I want everything...I want to sing loud and I want to be in the centre...
I'm a typical man who was born in Scorpion zodiac sign.
My name is Péter Bokor. I'm from Hungary near Budapest, from a little village. I had carefree life without any problem. My mother said I have to be a good man. But when I grew up I saw the truth. Our world is dirty. At first I wanted to help people but I couldn't.
This is the second time when I try it and I hope I can do it with DNS
I hope I can change people.